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Obstetrics is the area of specialization providing care to mothers who are pregnant, child birth & midwifery. What we believe is that pregnancy could be healthy or an abnormal, but both requires careful & professional treatment. The Specialized & Experienced obstetrician have significant role in the care of a pregnant lady and her upcoming baby. Dr. Kanika Thakral always ensure every woman & her unborn baby sails through the journey with ease, comfort and with purest care.

Phase under Obstetrics :

This is the period of pregnancy which covers conception till delivery. It includes pregnancy detection, investigations management of healthy or abnormal fetus, or abnormally located fetus.

This is the phase where delivery of the patient performs by natural and labor initiation by medications. It has also assisted delivery of baby with the help of instruments like forceps, vacuum or by giving incision to mother’s perineum to facilitate widening of the birth canal for the provision of vaginal delivery.

In this phase after delivery of the baby. Dr Kanika Thakral provide assistance in breast feeding & ensures in prevention of post-partum complication.

Dr Kanika Thakral is an experienced obstetrics who deals with all the cares related to Gynecology, Obstetrics & Laparoscopic & Gynecology Cancer Treatment. She has 14+ years’ experience and server more than 10,000 patients.

Dr Kanika Thakral’s team are experienced and skilled in Gynecology & Obstetrics. In addition, her qualification includes extensive training & acquisition of skills in programs. Also, Dr. Kanika has superior knowledge and expertise in their chosen area of sub specialization.


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